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- Common faults when you use the printer
- How does the printer ink reflow?
- The purchase and filling of the ink cartridges
- Several question when we filling the toner ink
- In the development of Ink cartridge made in China

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  How to make the Cartridge ink insert the black ink? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

EPSON printer with cartridge ink uses a micro voltage print head technology, through the voltage changes to the crystal vibration and then eject the ink, it is characterized by easy to achieve a high resolution, and with its unique ink technology, you can get Perfect photo print . Despite its print quality is first-class, however the cartridge is also more expensive! Many people want to be able to use ink to reduce the cost of printing, but there do not have so many people do it now.
Most users are afraid of improper operation may cause the printer to malfunction, or do not know how to operate. In fact, EPSON inkjet printer ink cartridges is convenient than other machines, because it is separated from the nozzle, so do not have to punch, you only need a few disposable syringes can complete the task.
How to make the Cartridge ink insert the black ink operation steps are as follows:
1 . Remove the Cartridge ink: Remove the black Cartridge ink when the light of the printer ink useless is on and use a disposable syringe to draw 7ml ~ 8ml of ink, put the ink hole up and keep it 45 degree when we inject the ink.
2 . Injection of ink: the disposable syringes in the ink slowly into the ink hole, ink injection action should be fast before and then slow down, repeat the operation several times until the completion. At the same time, through the plastic box to observation, the ink filled with the capacity of the cartridge 4/5 should be finished. It can not be too full, and then wipe out the ink around the ink hole;
3. Installation to the printer: when the cartridge ink into the bracket, the back must be close to the bracket, when the location is installed, the cartridge ink lock bar can be gently pushed in place. If you feel heavy, indicating the wrong position of the cartridge ink, at this time, you can release the lock bar, while the left hand with the left and right to move it up and down, while the right hand gently push the lock bar,
4. To clean the print head: Open "My Computer / Printer / Properties / Control", go to "Clean Print head", and after one or two cleaning, print a test page and you will be able to use it. If you want to add color ink, but slightly more cumbersome, the operation of the basic steps and similar:

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  In the development of Ink cartridge made in China Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Printer is one of the output devices of the computer, which is used to print the results of computer processing on the related media.Although the environmental group advocates the paperless office, global paper consumption is growing exponentially every year, and printer sales are increasing at an average rate of nearly 8%. All of this suggests that printers will not disappear, but will grow faster and more widely used.
China supplies industry was bound to lead to great difficulties at an early age, when he suffered "337 investigation" fierce head on a stick, subject to the general exclusion order, the Chinese supplies industry completely lost the world above supplies spending 30% of the American market, the European market is not a bright future. Many supplies enterprises, therefore, the output has shrunk, the cost has increased, the efficiency has declined, some of them have been laid off and some have closed down......
The ink cartridges maybe seems small, but it has a profound technical. Ink cartridges, printer ink and print head is an organic whole, its design is based on the printing, on the basis of quality and reliability, and on the market at present most of the compatible consumables manufacturer does not have its own patent technology, rely on filling, and other forms of production, which is caused by the dispute of "337" the ultimate reason cannot extricate oneself in the mire.
After that,We are seeking the solutions to difficulties through reform and innovation. To improve the capability of independent innovation, we had first increased investment in innovation and build up the innovation platform.
I've been wrong before,but my developing China instinct tells me that China is in charge of ink cartridges in the current age. And the role of ink cartridges in printers, copiers, graphics equipme-nt is as important as gas in the car. The ink cartridges was produced by China can adapted to the printer of various manufacturers,such as EPSON, HP, CANON. Been using nothing but Brother's cartridges on all are Brother laser printers for a long time. They never fail us.I I've bought brother toner tn660 before in China,it is the cheap toner cartridges.Cost is dramatically less than I expected as the "carriage" is separate from the toner and does not need to be replaced each time.

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 Several question when we filling the toner ink Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1. Can I use the empty tn 660 ink cartridge to add ink?
A: The tn 660 ink cartridge is designed to allow the user to easily replace the ink . However the print head work lift is so long and it will not be run out when the ink is finished used. On the contrary, experimental tests show that as long as the ink quality is stable, the life of the tn 660 ink cartridges and print heads is still long. And the use of empty tn 660 ink cartridges filled with ink that can ensure the quality of the premise and save the cost also.
2. Original printer ink cartridges have not used yet, can we fill the Cyrus ink?
A: Yes, because the Cyrus ink cartridge is rigorously tested, 100% compatible with the original tn 660 cartridge, so it can be filled before the original cartridge has been used. It is best to fill the ink when the original ink rest a little. it can keep the nozzle wet.
3. Cyrus ink has so much model specifications, which model should I can use?
A: The easiest way is to check your cartridge number, such as TN 660 cartridge, and then you can find the corresponding product in the quotation table model and price.
4. Is it will influence the printer's life and normal function when we fill the ink?
A: Inkjet is different from the traditional needle printer, because the ribbon is affect the life of the print head. In fact, one of the advantages of inkjet is that the print head can be printed without touching the paper. In other words, the ink is only sprayed on the paper, do not touch the machine, that means there is no chance to affect the printer.
5. Inkjet printer has so many kinds of, is it possible to use the same filling ink?
A: No. Because each inkjet printer design principles and structure are not the same, It is same like the piezoelectric and bubble-like working principle is different and ink working conditions are not the same, an ink used ink the world is not appropriate. So consumers must first confirm the purchase model and cartridge models before they purchase the filling ink to avoid adverse results.

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 The purchase and filling of the ink cartridges Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Inkjet printers are very popular on the market nowadays, the use of inkjet printer cartridges is one of the most important supplies, people always has some problems when they purchase, preservation, replacement of ink cartridges and ink, to this end we summed up some of precautions for your reference:
1. Ink cartridges and ink purchase
1) When purchasing ink cartridges, please pay attention to the printer model and the cartridge match, for example, your printer is HP printer, you must use the HP printer cartridges.

2)Please pay attention to the marked date on the cartridge, it should be used within the validity period. If the foil is to be torn, use it as soon as possible or use a sealed package.

3)You should try to use quality assurance or better brand of ink cartridges and ink to ensure that it will not appear broken ink and plug ink in use.

4)You should try to use the same brand of ink cartridges and ink or run out of another then annother, please try to print one to two to confirm no problem after replace the ink, because the ink contains chemical reagents, if the two kinds of ink mix, it is likely to produce broken ink or plug ink phenomenon.

2.Note of fill the ink:

1. Fill the ink before in the lack, it will be better (the ink must be consistent), it is best to have two ink cartridges instead.

2. If it is sponge cartridges, its suction speed is slow, please fill as much as possible to slow down the speed and into the ink (about 2-4CC / times) so that the cavernous body has sufficient time to absorb the ink into the ink Spillage caused by color mixing or contamination.

3. The cartridge is preferably 30-60 minutes for the sponge and the like after fully filling the ink in the ink absorber, and air is discharged before use.

4. If it is a nozzle and ink cartridge, do not touch the ink on the cartridge and the nozzle when the ink is filled, and keep the circuit on the printer and ink cartridge clean to extend the number of times and life of the ink cartridge.

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 How does the printer ink reflow? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the canon printer ink supply, there has been an annoying problem with printer ink reflow! It results too much resistance and can not continuous high-speed printing. For example, some office printers may not be used for a long time, the phenomenon of printer ink reflow is also found. Now, in the ink tube on the installation of one-way valve (long-term corrosion-resistant materials to do, no resistance type), then again do not worry about reflow problems. And the former modified machine can also be re-installed, simple, convenient and practical.

The main reason of printer ink reflow is that with the tight supply of the system caused by poor internal pressure imbalance, the main reasons are the following:

The first possibility is to reduce the position of the connection, even for the use or not in the state with the printer should be in the same level, which is all one of the cartridge even for the use of important considerations. Solution will be even with the printer on the same level, it is best to use double-sided adhesive will even sticke rs on the side of the printer, after the use of ink suction fixture.

The second may be in the modified cartridge in the reaming operation is too large or drilling or solid core plug is not completely plug in place caused by leakage. Solution: the solid plug plug in the re-plug in place, the more tight the better, and then use AB glue around the hollow plug to seal, after treatment with ink suction fixture.

The third may be the elbow was built into the cartridge inside the sponge blockage caused by the ink can not normally enter. Solution, pull out the elbow, with a toothpick will be the corresponding ink within the sponge thorn a few times, so that the sponge relaxation, but must control the depth of the piercing, to prevent the thorn to the nozzle. After treatment with ink suction fixture. (The third is too professional, not recommended)

If it is the second reason:

You can buy a sealed ring which is a little bit bigger than previous one, the general seller to provide are relatively small, then sealed with a sealant (hot melt).

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